Civil Litigation

The office has more than twenty years of experience in handling civil and commercial litigation in both tax and non-tax matters.  The office routinely assists clients in civil, commercial and tortious matters in New York Courts.  We also have experience in litigating in federal district court.  Our appeals experience includes the preparation and perfection of numerous appeals to the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division.  We have also submitted briefs to the New York State Court of Appeals in both tax and non-tax matters.  Our office also has extensive litigation experience in federal district court.  Please see our “Article 78 Review of Tax Appeals Tribunal,” articles “Declaratory Relief Against NYS Department of Taxation & Finance in State Supreme Court” and “Legal Basis for Seeking Abatement of New York State Tax Penalties,” and “IRS Collections: Defensive Measures,” and “Tax Refund Litigation” and “Bifurcation of Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Trials in New York Unfair”.

Information Desk

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