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August Comment: NYS Estate, Gift & Trust Tax Update

I. Introduction A number of important changes to New York estate, trust and gift tax law were recently enacted. Briefly, (i) the New York estate tax exemption will reach parity with the federal exemption by 2019; (ii) the federal estate … Continue reading

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Income Taxation of Nongrantor Trusts

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Tax News & Comment — May 2013

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Executor and Trustee Commissions Under NY EPTL

I.   Executor Commissions.   Executors and Trustees are entitled to compensation for serving in their fiduciary capacity. The will or trust may provide a fee schedule or may provide for a waiver of fiduciary fees. If the will is silent or … Continue reading

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Analysis of 2012 Fiduciary Decisions in Surrogates Court

  I.  Constructive Trusts & Powers of Attorney.    A “constructive trust” arises when equity intervenes to protect the rightful owner from the holder of legal title, where legal title was acquired through fraud, duress, undue influence, mistake, breach of fiduciary … Continue reading

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The Decedent’s Final Income Tax Return

A decedent’s final income tax return must be filed by the Executor by April 15 of the year following death. A joint return may be filed if the decedent’s spouse did not remarry during the year. If no Executor has been appointed by the due date of the return, a joint return must be filed by the surviving spouse. In that case, the later appointed Executor may revoke the surviving spouse’s election to file a joint return and file a separate return for the decedent’s estate within one year from the due date of the return, including extensions. Continue reading

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