April 21, 2010 Tax Seminar in Lake Success, New York

To view April 21, 2010 Tax Seminar Invitation, or to Attend Seminar, press here: April 21 Tax Seminar Invitation

The lecture will first discuss researching and drafting the Petition to the DTA following the Conciliation Conference. Pre-hearing motion practice and discovery will then be addressed, including how to survive (or make) a summary judgment motion. The actual hearing, including the preparation of witnesses, experts, and exhibits, will be presented. The importance of the post-hearing brief, with proper citation to cases, exhibits and the hearing transcript will follow. The procedure for taking an Exception to the Tax Appeals Tribunal, and oral argument, will ensue. Finally, Article 78 appeals to the Appellate Division, with bonding requirements, will be addressed. Throughout the presentation, emphasis will be placed on strategies for successful litigation and jurisdictional time constraints.

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